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Graphic Design And Printing Of Bottle Caps

Creative design

The surface design of the bottle cap mainly focuses on the creative and systematic design of composition, text, color, display and other elements. The following briefly describes some key points for discussion.

1. Composition

In the composition, the center is more, indicating stability, center, and taste. Mainly text, can highlight product name; Mainly graphic, can highlight logo.

The composition is to put the visual form of each component in the "business position" of the picture. That is, the trademark, text, pattern, image, description, barcode, etc. are organically combined in a specific space to express all the content to be expressed, with primary and secondary, light and heavy, strong and light, and sparse and dense combination The formation of structural art reflects a sense of rhythm, which is both rigorous and lively, rich in change and order.

2, text

Text not only plays an important role in explaining the nature of the product, but the text itself is also an indispensable visual image. The general requirements for text: the font is clear and clear, the meaning of the word is easy to read, easy to understand, and the font and concept of the text should be novel to attract the attention of consumers. The artistry of the text makes the brand information transmission unique style charm, expressing the fresh, active, delicate, tender, and bold taste of the product in a limited 2-9 characters.

3. Color

Color has an advertising function to promote products and a recognition memory function to attract consumers' attention. The supporting series are favorable for pricing and grading, adapt to consumption at all levels, and promote the sales of commodities. Beverage bottle caps are mainly focused on highlighting the purity of the texture and mostly fresh colors. Of course, it must also meet the special requirements of some countries for color love and taboos.

4. Display

The well-designed bottle cap, with proper graphics, bold color matching, and eye-catching text as the core, conveys the quality and taste of the drink, and it itself has the value of research and collection.

Pad printing process

1. Selection of equipment

Because bottle caps are generally small, small pad printers that often choose manual or electric are suitable. Here is a brief introduction to the electric pad printer:

The electric pad printer is mainly composed of rubber head, oil pan, scraper unit, stepless speed regulation, switch (operation/manual), fixture lifting platform, etc. Because it does not require a traditional air pump air source, and adopts a mechanical transmission system of 220V civilian power supply, and an electronic stepless speed change function, it greatly reduces the requirements of the operating site, the proficiency of the operator, and the speed of the printed product. It has the advantages of strong stability, controllable precision, low cost, small size, convenient use and reliable quality.

2. Model of plastic head

The rubber head should have good ink absorption and deinking properties, good resilience and fatigue resistance, and good solvent resistance. Choose the size, shape, hardness, and color of the plastic head according to the printed product, and compare it with the chart or the actual model provided by the supplier, and then finalize a model specification according to the actual use and life.

The contact deformation between the plastic head and the substrate should be small; the diameter of the print head is about 3mm than the typeface; the printing has more thin lines, and the plastic head is relatively soft; the extrusion depth of the plastic head and the substrate should not exceed 1/ of the height of the plastic head 3. Otherwise, the rubber head is easy to damage and the pattern is deformed and blurred.

There is a layer of release agent on the surface of the newly purchased rubber head. Wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in ethanol or a plate cleaner before use.

3. Type of ink

For pad printing inks, its transfer performance, drying speed, color density, coverage, thinness, etc. should be considered.

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