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The 2021 Transport Packaging Technology Organization Annual Meeting

The 2021 Transport Packaging Technology Organization Annual Meeting was successfully held in Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province on September 28-29, 2021.

This annual conference is co-hosted by the International Safety Transport Association (IATA) and the China Committee of the International Safety Transport Association (IATA), co-hosted by China Packaging Research and Testing Center and China Packaging Research Institute Co., LTD.

Tongbiao Standard Technical Service Co., LTD., Shaanxi Kelidi Electromechanical Equipment Co., LTD., LAB Equipment,Inc., Guangdong Laibotong Test Equipment Co., LTD., Suzhou Su Test Group Co., LTD., Suzhou Zhongbao Packaging Testing Technology Co., LTD., Hangzhou Hangmei Quality Technical Service Co., LTD., SAFE LOAD

TESTING TECHNOLOGIES and Vibration Research are sponsors.

Blue Enterprise, Tongbiao Standard Technical Service Co., LTD., LAB Equipment,Inc., Shaanxi Kelidi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., LTD., Hangzhou Hangmei Quality Technical Service Co., LTD., Suzhou Suzhou Testing Group Co., LTD., Hangzhou Bingxin Environmental Protection Packaging Co., LTD., Guangdong Laibotong Testing Equipment Co., LTD., Vibration

Research, lang sent packing Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., exxon mobil (China) investment Co., Ltd., shenzhen good rhett detection Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai OTT smart logistics equipment Co., Ltd, suzhou in bag packaging testing Technology Co., Ltd., the smell (tianjin) industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing hui access business group international exhibition

Company limited, Hangzhou Pinxiang Technology Co., LTD., Ningbo Joy Zhixing Technology Co., LTD., Beijing Yizide Logistics Technology Co., LTD., Lion Media Group and other companies participated in the exhibition.

Coca Cola beverage (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., Lenovo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd., BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd., Intel (China) Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. and other related personnel attended the annual meeting.

This annual meeting is supported, guided and supervised by China Chengtong Group and China Packaging Co., LTD.

Han Xueshan, vice President of China Packaging Association, Wu Hongjun, Vice secretary general of China Packaging Association, Xu Weifeng, director of China Packaging Research and Test Center, lu Binglin, director of International Cooperation Department of China Packaging Research and Test Center attended the opening ceremony.

Minister Lu Binglin and Director Xu Weifeng addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of the Chinese side, while A.J. Gruber, Chairman of the International Safety Transport Association, addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of the foreign side by video.

They all congratulated on the 15th annual meeting, and gave important guidance to the scientific development of transport packaging, and put forward hope for the development of green transport packaging.

Based on the practice of industry experts, the annual conference will analyze the international and domestic development trends of relevant industries through the sharing of practical cases and the latest research results.

Lectures and exchanges involve:

New tests and new resources for ISTA, structured buffer design, simulation and testing, NASA Transportation Data Acquisition and analysis for safe rail transportation of recoverable Solid Launch Vehicles - large,

Heavy key equipment of the controllable transportation security case sharing, ISTA procedure finite element simulation technology consulting business introduction, help scientific transportation packaging design and verification, unit load stability analysis of goods, and about the exploration of impact velocity of impact test, intelligence sharing tray support logistics supply chain of low-carbon development, ISTA procedure of the new study, a series of 700 wide rack packaging design

Optimization, precision medical device packaging to cope with the challenge of full-channel supply chain, material card calibration of a foaming buffer material and its application in the finite element calculation of package drop, innovative exploration of security product packaging breakthrough -- new film composite packaging technology, new expansion of cold stretch casing film packaging application technology, etc.

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