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How To Reduce The Mold Cost Of Steel Drum Production From The Design Link?

The cost of the mold is mainly composed of the following parts: material costs, design fees, processing fees (including commissioning fees), packaging fees and shipping fees, taxes, and other expenses (such as business operations, payment of management fees, etc.). Among them, the total cost of materials, processing fees and taxes should account for at least 80% of the total cost of the mold. The material fee and processing fee are determined by the design drawings, what grade of material is used, how much raw material is needed, what process route needs to be taken for mold parts processing, whether it has good debug performance, the number of modifications, etc., all of which depend on For design. Therefore, mold design is the most critical link. Therefore, to control the cost of the mold, we must start with the design. To achieve the purpose of reducing costs, in summary, the following aspects need to be done:

1. First of all, the formulation of the overall design plan should be reasonable, that is to say, the design concept should be correct, and the relevant principles or rules should be followed from the stamping process, layout to the determination of the overall structure.

2. Before determining the stamping process route and layout, the cost estimation of various schemes can be used to provide a basis for decision-making.

3. To implement the promotion and application of standard parts, use standard parts as much as possible.

4. The workmanship review of the design of non-standard parts cannot be ignored.

5. The selection of materials should be appropriate.

6. The mold must be tested for several times before leaving the factory, and the problems found in each test mold must be modified and completely solved in our factory. It is best to debug to a stable level before packaging and shipping.

7. The design of the drawing should be standardized.

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