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Industrial Packaging Is A Model Of Circular Economy Principles

Industrial Packaging Is A Model Of Circular Economy Principles

Circular economy theory incorporates many traditional elements of sustainability, but its main focus is on business activity and demand. In every aspect of its planning and implementation, its proponents have been careful to use profitability as a key metric.

According to the World Economic Forum, the world is expected to add 3 billion new middle-class consumers by 2030, and a new development model is needed to ensure businesses find new ways to meet "unprecedented demand for goods and services." This hypothesis, add to climate change and rising global commodity prices for long-term deepening concerns, he thinks, is now a global business time to rethink the industrialization of the linear method (sometimes referred to as "take not take" the economy) and "to restore or regeneration" by intent and design of the industrial system to replace it.

The core principles of circular economy are:

1. Sorting out the waste while optimizing the disassembly and reuse. The more the product is used in its original form, the greater the cost savings and environmental benefits. Recycling and processing systems require a lot of energy and labor.

2. Distinguish between consumable components and durable components. Use non-toxic and/or biodegradable components and design durable materials related to the product (e.g. packaging, engine, etc.) for reuse.

3. Use energy in a sustainable way, using renewable energy wherever possible. Reducing energy dependence can also reduce the risk of price volatility and material shortages.

The idea is to eliminate all waste, not only in production practices, but at every stage of the production and distribution process.

Short comments: the circular economy is the key point we should chase in the future, the drum packaging accessoires are also can be reused to some extent.

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