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Renovation Of Old Barrels: The Industry Has Great Potential For Future Development

The Industry Has Great Potential For Future Development

Recently, the continuous introduction of solid waste and hazardous waste policies and the intensive development of enterprise mergers and acquisitions have once again aroused the market attention of the solid waste and hazardous waste industry. This paper will analyze the prospect of solid waste treatment industry.

China's solid and hazardous waste industry has broad market prospects. At present, a large number of hazardous wastes have not entered the formal treatment and disposal market. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, with the expansion of the scope of hazardous waste, the improvement of market scale and the strengthening of supervision, more and more incremental hazardous waste will enter the market, which will also promote the orderly and rapid development of China's hazardous waste treatment industry. According to the forecast of market prospect and investment analysis report of China's hazardous waste treatment industry, China’s hazardous waste market is expected to form a scale of more than 200 billion yuan by 2020.

There is a huge gap in the capacity of hazardous waste treatment in China. It is speculated that the actual output of hazardous wastes in China may be as high as 100 million tons. In other words, China's effective hazardous waste treatment capacity is only about 15%, and the capacity supply and demand gap is huge.

From the distribution of the gap in national hazardous waste treatment capacity, China's hazardous waste treatment market is mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. Due to the developed economy in this region, the amount of hazardous waste is large. Due to the underdeveloped economy and transportation in the northwest, Qinghai, Guizhou and other provinces do not have centralized landfill facilities, so the treatment capacity is seriously insufficient. Overall, at present, although the number of business units has increased, the problem of insufficient structure of China's hazardous waste industry is still prominent.

The market concentration of hazardous waste treatment industry in China is low. Data show that at present, 99% of China's hazardous waste treatment enterprises are private enterprises, and the average treatment scale of more than 2000 hazardous waste treatment enterprises in China is only 20000 tons, most of which are small enterprises with an annual treatment capacity of less than 10000 tons.

In addition, there are still several major problems in China's hazardous waste management. First, the problem of illegal transfer and disposal of hazardous wastes is prominent. There are still a large number of hazardous wastes outside the supervision in China, and their whereabouts are unknown. Second, there are defects in the whole process system design. There are many "blind spots" and "blocking spots" in the storage and collection of hazardous wastes. Third, the supervision of hazardous waste is weak and there is a serious lack of supervisors.

Short comments: China's hazardous waste treatment industry has great potential for future development. Factories concerning reconditioned steel drums and plastic drums should bear more responsibilities.

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