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Causes And Countermeasures Of Concave Deformation Of Steel Drum Body In Production Process-3

Three, through the physical and chemical properties of steel plate testing can identify the quality of steel plate

In Q/SY 1200.3 -- 2010 "Petrochemical Product Packaging Code Part 3: Lubricating Oil and Grease" (enterprise standard of China National Petroleum Corporation) "A.3.2 Material", it is stipulated that "the steel plate shall be made of high quality thin steel plate or hot-dip galvanized steel plate conforming to the requirements of GB/T 912, GB/T 2518, GB/T 11253".

Steel plate material grades Q195 (Chinese standard GB11253), ST12(German standard DIN1623), DC01(European standard EN10130, SPCC (Japanese standard JIS), are cold rolled steel plate and steel strip of carbon structural steel (China).The grades of materials delivered from steel mills marked with SPCC, ST12 and DC01 should meet the physical and chemical properties of material grade Q195 in national standard GB11253-2007.

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