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ISDI: What You Should Know When Purchasing New Steel Drums

ISDI: What You Should Know When Purchasing New Steel Drums

1. Steel drum manufacturers can manufacture steel drums according to the specifications you need.

2. The user's product must be compatible with its packaging steel drum.

3. You need to carefully check the cargo safety data sheet and the UN code.

4. Select a suitable UN grade steel drum according to the nature of the goods.

5. The steel drum specification is preferred according to national or international standards.

6. Select the appropriate drum style and accessories.

7. Determine the appropriate open barrel hoop type.

8. Select the appropriate type of coating or lining bag in the barrel:

(1) Epoxy resin;

(2) Epoxy phenolic resin;

(3) Reinforced epoxy resin;

(4) Phenolic resin;

(5) Polyethylene lining;

(6) Anti rust paint.

9. Select the color of the outer surface of the drum.

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