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Kinds Of Drum Closure Gasket3

Kinds Of Drum Closure Gasket

7. CR neoprene sealing ring

Sunlight and weather resistance is especially good.

Not afraid of dichlorodifluoromethane and ammonia and other refrigerants, resistance to dilute acid, silicone grease lubricating oil, but in the low point of aniline mineral oil expansion.

It is easy to crystallize and harden at low temperature.

Suitable for all kinds of atmospheres, sunlight, ozone and all kinds of fire resistant, chemical corrosion resistant sealing links.

Not recommended for use in strong acids, nitro hydrocarbons, esters, chloroform and ketones.

The general use temperature range is -55~120 ℃.

8. IIR butyl rubber sealing ring

Especially good air tightness, heat resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, good insulation performance;

It has good resistance to polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc. It can be exposed to animal and vegetable oils or oxides.

Suitable for chemical or vacuum resistant equipment.

It is not recommended to use with petroleum solvents, kerosene or aromatic hydrocarbons.

The general use temperature range is -50~110 ℃.

9. ACM acrylic rubber sealing ring

Excellent resistance to oil, high temperature and weather resistance are good, but the mechanical strength, compression deformation rate and water resistance is slightly poor.

It is generally used in automobile transmission system and power steering system.

Not suitable for hot water, brake oil, phosphate ester.

The general temperature range is -25~170 ℃.

Short comments: Various kinds of drum closure gaskets are avaliable in Xuheng Metal, such as PE, EPDM, NBR gasket.

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