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Notice On Further Strengthening Enterprise Self-discipline Issued By China Association For Environmental Protection

To whom it may concern:

Since April this year, the Ministry of ecology and environment, together with the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of public security, has launched a nationwide special action to crack down on environmental violations and crimes of hazardous waste and the fraud of automatic monitoring data of key pollutant discharge units. Local ecological and environmental departments, together with public security and procuratorial organs, have targeted the illegal transfer, dumping, processing and disposal of hazardous waste; Illegal modification of automatic monitoring data, forgery of operation data and fraud; The preparation of false EIA reports and other illegal and criminal acts were investigated and dealt with, and the typical cases were published to the public.

Our member units and branches should take typical cases of violation of laws as a warning, further strengthen the awareness of discipline and law-abiding, operate in good faith, and strictly regulate their own behavior. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, fulfill industry rules and regulations, adhere to the principle of good faith, abide by contracts, keep promises and operate in good faith.

2. Fully understand the new situation and requirements of the current environmental protection, strengthen the legal education for employees, take the case as a warning, let managers and front-line operators know the bottom line and red line, understand the seriousness and punishment of environmental violations, and always tighten the string of compliance with the law.

3. Establish service awareness, establish and improve internal quality management system, improve product and service quality, and oppose fraud and low price competition.

4. Strengthen safety production management, establish and improve safety production management system, and eliminate accidents.

5. All branches shall widely carry out the publicity and implementation of various management policies and technical standards, continuously strengthen technical training and exchange, standardize professional behavior, improve the professional level and integrity awareness of employees, and constantly promote industry self-discipline.

For members who violate laws and regulations, we will deal with them in strict accordance with the articles of association of China environmental protection industry. It is hoped that local environmental protection industry associations will also attach great importance to it, strengthen the management of members, give full play to the due role of social organizations, and promote the healthy and standardized development of the environmental protection industry.

China Environmental Protection Industry Association

August 19, 2021

Shot comment: The notification published by China Association for Environmental Protection reminds all industries of the significance of self-discipline in dealing with industrial waste. Enterprises such as steel drum manufacturing should bear it in mind and improve its own management.

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