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Specification For Cold Rolled Steel Plates For Steel Drums

Specification For Cold Rolled Steel Plates For Steel Drums

European Steel Drum Manufacturers Association (SEFA) recommendations

The proposal was developed by the European Steel Drum Manufacturers Association (SEFA) in collaboration with supplier members of the European steel industry.

1. Scope and field of application

1.1 This document defines the characteristics of cold-rolled steel plates used in the manufacture of steel drums.

1.2 If local conditions require a discrepancy with the specification, it shall be specified in the order after an agreement is reached between the buyer and the supplier.

2. References

2.1 ISO 3574 Commercial and stamping grade cold rolled carbon sheet steel

2.2 ISO 16162 tolerances for dimensions and shapes

3. The required

Steel must be supplied in coil or sheet form (as specified in the order) in accordance with ISO 3574 (1.0330).

3.1 requirements

(1) the surface of the steel plate is dry

(2) the quality of non-alloy steel

(3) continuous rolling of steel plate or coil.

(4) Continuous annealing or batch annealing of sheltered annealing furnace (other batch annealing process can be negotiated in special cases).

(5) Suitable for making steel barrels (specified barrel body or bottom top)

(6) no oil

(7) THE AC welding process is adopted. When the barrel body is welded, the lap amount is 2±0.5mm, and the welding speed is 18 m/min.

(8) Suitable for painting or painting, without prior cleaning or any other pretreatment (paint samples can be provided upon request)

3.2 Specific Requirements

(1) Carbon content: 0.09% Max

Hardness: 40-55 HRB 1)

(3) Cleanliness:

-- Maximum reflectivity loss for tape test is 20% ²) (See Appendix 1 for test method)

- The surface is free from oil, rust, water and sensitive residues.

- The total pollution particle quantity on one side is less than 25 mg/m².


1)The steel mill tries to reduce the hardness range by raising the minimum value, which is controlled within 10 points.

2) For some applications (such as packaging automotive coatings), cleaner steel is required, and the goal should be to achieve a lower reflectivity loss.  If higher cleanliness is required, it is agreed in the purchase order, including a maximum acceptable reflectivity loss (e.g., 10%).

(4) Heavy metal content < 100ppm [Lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Chromium 6 (CrV1)]

Note: This requirement also applies to precoated materials.

(5) dimensional tolerance: requirements roll plate width tolerance: negative is 0, positive is 2 mm.

(6) The thickness of the steel plate is uniform, and the thickness drop from the edge to 40mm from the edge should not exceed 3% of the measured thickness.

(7) Flatness: the steel should be flat after unwinding and leveling, and the cut barrel body plate (measuring length is 1800 mm), that is, the distance between the plate and the horizontal plane is not more than 5 mm.  The Buyer shall ensure that appropriate equipment is used and properly adjusted.

(8) Radian: In the length range above 2000 mm, the maximum edge radian is 1 mm.

(9) Welding: There is at most one welding joint per coil.  However, an additional pickling line can be accepted for welding.  This weld shall not be marked.

(10) Winding law of steel coil: convex and concave shall not exceed 10mm.

4. Weld marking

Welds in steel coils (but not pickling plate welds) must be marked by one of the following methods (or a combination of methods) and specified in order:

(1) Drill holes near the middle width of the weld.

(2) Mark the obvious position on the outside of the steel coil by spraying with spray cans.

(3) punch holes at both ends of the steel coil.

5. Packing

Steel coils should be packed to avoid moisture penetration and rust.  After consultation between the buyer and the supplier, and as stipulated in the order, the supplier must recall the packaging materials used.

6. Certificate of Qualification

Proof of conformity to the order is required for each shipment: to be sent together with shipping documents. Test report if pressed smoothly.

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