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[Notice] The International Conference On Reuse (Refurbishment) Of Packaging Containers

New barrels of the highest international ICDM (steel barrel manufacturer international alliance) held on March 16, 2021 video board, from the Asia-pacific region AOSD, European region SEFA, and north American ISDI three organizations to participate in, specific personnel have Mr. Nick, Secretary General of AOSD; Ms. Susan, Secretary General of ISDI; Mr. Joerg, Secretary General of SEFA; and Ms. Nicole, Assistant to SEFA. This meeting was hosted by Mr. Joerg, Secretary of ICDM. The meeting was held to discuss the specific contents of the International Conference on Refilled Containers (Recycling) and the Asia Pacific International Conference on Steel Ducks scheduled to be held next year. Meanwhile, the recent work of ICDM was also briefed.

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