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The Management Of Incoming Materials From Suppliers Is The Source Of Quality Assurance. How Do You Grasp It?

01. Sit back and wait for the rabbit type management

This approach accounts for a large proportion of enterprises. Many incoming inspectors open their eyes and close their eyes, follow the form, change them if there is a problem, or punish the supplier if there is a problem. Anyway, I do random inspections, and it is normal to have problems.

Of course, this kind of incoming inspector has a very humble position in the company. While being complained by downstream production, he was reprimanded by superior leaders; this kind of position either does not last long and has a high death rate. If you don't believe it, check the staff turnover rate in this department But; either the inspector has a soft temper and has no temper, otherwise he really can't do it. ——The result is that the first-line production department often jumps up and down!

There are also some incoming inspectors in the company who are very serious, strictly guard against the type, and continue to approve them. Due to the strict assessment of the company, all failure costs must be traced upwards, and a few pieces of materials can shut down the factory. This failure cost cannot be borne by 1 or 2 inspectors. Therefore, we strictly guard against the standards, and we will retreat when we find abnormalities, and we will never overstep the thunder pond; even over-correcting, as the saying goes, too much salt is not a bad dish! The production department is suffering, and the production line is suspended. If you want to use it, you must get the approval of the big leader and screen some of it for special permission, because the inspectors strictly control it. ——The result is that the suppliers often jump around because of the batch retreat! This post-mortem (supplier leaving factory is a defective product) post-mortem (in-factory inspection) is the lowest level of management in material quality control.

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