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Packaging Industry Outlook In China

Packaging Industry Outlook In China

Since the informatization was taken as the key point of the development strategy of the manufacturing industry in 2015, the Chinese government has actively promoted the implementation of relevant policies, and new generation information technologies such as intelligent factory construction, innovative application of industrial Internet, digital twinning, information physics system and other key technology breakthroughs, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new generation information technologies have been continuously proposed.

In the digital industry, manufacturing industry informatization unceasingly development today, the majority of the traditional production mode of packaging enterprises will be faced with the present situation of the industrial transformation, artificial intelligence, digital industry is driving the development of the industry, packaging industry how to embrace the manufacturing informatization, intelligent manufacturing, enterprise should constantly technical innovation, expand the scale of the overall production, establish and improve the production chain of information system, will be a long-term and dynamic topic.

In the future, the packaging industry is expected to see artificial intelligence processing production orders, production workers are connected to production data and production machines, packaging production equipment is networked, packaging production is unmanned, packaging production efficiency and other scenarios.

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