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How Much Do You Know About Industrial Lubricants?

How Much Do You Know About Industrial Lubricants?

"Industrial lubricants are used in a wide range of base oils, such as pure mineral oils, PAO poly ether synthetic oils, alkylbenzene oils, and biodegradable lipid oils.

When they become industrial lubricants, they do not mix with each other. For example, when polyether synthetic oils are mixed with other industrial oils, their properties degrade significantly."

Basic knowledge of industrial lubricants

The main industrial lubricants are hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, refrigerating oil, transformer oil, vacuum pump oil, bearing oil, metal processing oil (liquid), antirust oil, cylinder oil, heat treatment oil and heat conduction oil.

In addition, there is a lubricating oil as the base oil, and a thickening agent added to the grease.

The users of industrial lubricants are enterprises from all walks of life. Generally, there are many varieties and large amount of industrial lubricants, which not only depends on the price of the product, but also depends on the quality and technical characteristics of the product, and also depends on the quality of technical services.

The basic properties and main selection principle of industrial lubricants is viscosity, so it must be introduced in priority.

GB/T3141-94 is the ISO viscosity classification of industrial liquid lubricants, which is equivalent to the international standard ISO3448-1992 "ISO viscosity classification of industrial liquid lubricants".

Generally speaking, medium viscosity lubricating oil is selected under the condition of medium speed, medium load and temperature is not too high;

Under the condition of high load, low speed and high temperature, select high viscosity lubricating oil or lubricating oil with extreme pressure antiwear agent;

Under the conditions of low load, high speed and low temperature, low viscosity lubricating oil is selected; under the conditions of wide range of high and low temperature, light load and high speed, as well as other special requirements, synthetic lubricating oil is selected.

The basic performance and main selection principle of grease is coning degree, to coning degree to divide the consistency of grease grade.

Therefore, the user should also be introduced.

The coning degree is a common index to control the working consistency of all kinds of grease, which is used to indicate the performance of grease entering the friction point and the hardness of grease.

Generally speaking, when the load of the bearing with grease is large and the speed is low, the grease with small cone should be selected.

On the contrary, when the load is small and the speed is high, it is necessary to choose a large cone into the grease.

In the wide range of high and low temperature, light load, high speed and low temperature is very low, as well as other special requirements, synthetic grease should be used.

There are many types of industrial lubricants, various varieties, various technical characteristics, and a wide range of technologies involved, and hydraulic oil is a large variety of industrial lubricants with the largest amount of consumption, try to take this variety as an example to briefly explain.

In hydraulic transmission systems, hydraulic oil, as an energy transfer medium, transfers power, reduces friction, separates worn surfaces, suspends contaminants, controls oxidation of components, and provides cooling.

Various hydraulic systems have different types of structure and use conditions.

In order to meet the requirements of various systems, hydraulic oil must have certain properties, such as viscosity, viscosity index, relative density, wear resistance, low temperature, acid value, flash point, oxidation stability, breaking emulsification, hydrolysis stability, foaming, air release, shear stability, rust resistance and filtration.

According to GB11118.1-94 hydraulic oil according to the use of the composition is divided into the following varieties, each variety has a different viscosity grade.

HL hydraulic oil is made of neutral base oil with high refining depth and anti-oxygen and anti-rust additives. It is used in general machine tool hydraulic equipment to reduce wear and tear of components, reduce temperature rise and prevent rust.

HM hydraulic oil is made of a neutral base oil with a higher viscosity index of more than 95 added with antioxidants, rust inhibitors and anti-wear agents. Therefore, it has good anti-wear properties and can be used in high speed and high pressure hydraulic systems.

HG hydraulic oil is based on HM hydraulic oil to join the fight stick-slip additive agent (oily or anti-friction), in addition to good antioxidant, antirust and abrasion resistance, but also has excellent resistance to stick - smoothness, used in the hydraulic system and share of machine tool guideway lubrication system, make the guide under the low speed vibration and discontinuous sliding (stick - slip) to the minimum, but not for high pressure hydraulic system.

HV hydraulic oil is made of base oil with viscosity index greater than 130 and added with anti-oxygen, anti-rust, anti-wear, viscosity index improver and pour point depressant. It can be used in the field of cold areas and hydraulic equipment working in harsh environment.

HS hydraulic oil is a synthetic hydraulic oil, based on α-olefin synthetic oil with excellent low temperature performance, adding various additives similar to HV hydraulic oil to make low temperature hydraulic oil with pour point no higher than -45℃. It is suitable for hydraulic equipment working in the field in cold areas and in harsh environment.

Short comments: In the process of oil storage, it is easy to deteriorate due to changes in the environment. In addition to selecting good oil drums, high-quality drum closure should also be selected to ensure the quality of oil. Drum closures includes 2" and 3/4" drum flange and plug, they can be purchased together or seperately.

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