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Liner Bag for 210l Open Drum

There is no need to clean the inside of the barrel, and the contents are easy to take out by opening the lid, which is hygienic. The liquid items in the drum can be used more efficiently.


Product features of round bottom steel drum liner bags:


  • In chemical drums compared with resin liners. Its thickness is 1/6 of the resin liner, and it is easy to access.

  • Since the drum and upper part are sealed, the lid of the YTO can is very tight, and the lining will not wrinkle.

  • After filling, not only can the lid be tightly closed, but also easy to take out. Greatly improved production efficiency.

  • It uses special plastic film with excellent strength and chemical resistance.

  • It meets the requirements of food hygiene and has good hygiene.

  • The round bottom bag is tightly attached to the side wall and bottom of the barrel, without wasting space. The barrel of the same volume can hold more products, so it can effectively reduce storage and transportation costs.

  • One-time molding, all ironing seams have no joints, because it is customized according to the shape of the barrel, the lower part and side pressure of the loaded product fully acts on the bottom and side inner wall of the barrel, so the edges are not easy to break. So it can protect the product more effectively.


Round bottom liner bag for 200 liter steel drum. It can make steel drums better reused and reduce packaging costs.


It can be used in 200L galvanized drum or plastic drum to keep the barrel clean without cleaning again, and there are various film thicknesses and lengths to choose from.


LDPE film tube material, the thickness is 100u to 200u, and the thickness deviation is controlled within 5%.


Dedicated to juice barrels, tomato sauce barrels, paint barrels, paint barrels, ink, glue, adhesives and other chemical product barrels, etc.


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