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Spot Market For Raw Materials

Import mine: on April 8th, the spot market activity of imported iron ore in the area along the Yangtze River has picked up somewhat compared with the earlier stage, the trade newspaper has improved the enthusiasm of the plate, and steel mill inquiries are still less. As of press time, the spot price of some imported ore is flat or slightly up 5 yuan/ton compared with 7 days, and the turnover is up together with the 7 days increase price. Steel mills, this week steel mills replenishing the pace of slightly slower, early as usual inquiry is still given priority to. Turn to the afternoon, the buyer's mood turns stronger obviously, although the price of traders does not rise significantly but the bargaining space is significantly reduced, the steel mill inquiry intention increases. As of press time, Jiangnei PB powder 1146/1148/1150 yuan/ton, Yang Di powder 1025 yuan/ton deal.

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