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Greif Successfully Developed A New Steel Drum Vertical Sealing Machine

Greif Successfully Developed A New Steel Drum Vertical Sealing Machine

Greif recently announced the installation of a new steel drum vertical sealer at its Grand-Quevilly plant in France.

Designed to maximize overall customer satisfaction, the investment will provide efficient returns and improved product performance. The new equipment will further improve the sealing quality of steel drums and optimize the delivery time. It will also save a lot of energy.

"We are pleased to have installed the new vertical sealer. Thanks to the effective cooperation of our suppliers, Greif's operations support group and the field team, this was a fast and smooth process, "said Pascal Laurent, Director of Operations for Greif In France. "This investment will have a positive impact on productivity and customer experience, help the business secure significant future growth and reinforce our commitment to be the best performing customer service company in the world."

Grande-quevilly, founded more than a century ago, employs more than 200 people and is one of Greif's largest factories in the EMEA region. Its steel barrels are supplied to a variety of markets, including lubricants, petrochemicals, spices, fragrances and paints. It manufactures blow molding machines for plastic drums and linings for the food industry, as well as plastic barrel mouth assemblies for steel drums.

Short comments: the new design of drum vertical sealer is a huge progress in the drum container industry, and our drum closures are also designed to meet the need of drum sealing.

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