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Talking About The Future Development Trend Of Transportation Packaging

Talking About The Future Development Trend Of Transportation Packaging

Although, fast development of logistics industry in China, the total transportation rise year by year, but due to the packaging design technology in China starts late, not form a complete knowledge system, insufficient attention to packaging, lead to often appear due to design problems affect the efficiency of the logistics transportation packing case, for some materials cannot achieve the purpose of protecting goods.

As a result, the quality of the goods is reduced or damaged, resulting in an increase in the cost.

At the same time, the development of packaging standards in China is not unified, which seriously affects the speed of trans-regional logistics transportation, resulting in the decline of transportation efficiency.

In addition, China's logistics packaging operation mode also has some problems and the lack of a complete packaging design evaluation system.

Raise awareness that packaging has a great impact on the efficiency of logistics and transportation

China's logistics packaging industry started late. It did not take packaging and logistics transportation into a comprehensive consideration and combined them into a system to study. It only took into account the protective effect of packaging on goods but ignored the great influence of packaging on the efficiency of the whole logistics transportation.

We should recognize the package as an important link in the logistics transportation, must coordinate the relationship between packaging design and logistics transportation, set up the packing and shipping idea of modern logistics platform, to establish a regional packaging design service platform, overall planning and optimization of logistics transportation packaging design, to ensure that the packaging design to protect the reliability of the goods,

Reasonable use of storage and transport space, shorten the workload of logistics and transport, improve transport efficiency.

Combined with the current situation, continuous improvement and optimization of packaging is needed

With the development of logistics and transportation, at present, we should constantly improve and optimize packaging, to ensure the safety of goods, but also take into account the safety of workers loading and unloading workload.

In the optimization of packaging, it should be combined with the development direction of pallet packaging and container packaging, according to the actual situation to choose a low-cost, easy to transport and containerized packaging scheme, as far as possible to use the appropriate size to load and transport more goods, to ensure the stability of packaging and low cost, improve the efficiency of cargo transportation;

At the same time in the design of packaging to the direction of intelligent development, combined with the requirements of modern logistics, the use of electronic technology and packaging technology combined means to improve the efficiency of logistics transportation.

Formulate and improve the standard of logistics packaging, and establish a systematic evaluation system of packaging design

According to the actual situation of logistics development in China, the unified formulation of packaging size and design requirements is convenient to improve the efficiency of trans-regional logistics transportation.

At the same time, we should continue to learn from foreign advanced logistics packaging standards and improve our packaging standards while approaching international standards.

At the same time, the evaluation system of packaging design is used for scientific evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of packaging design, so as to continuously optimize the packaging design and improve the ability of logistics and transportation.

Advocate and promote the concept of green packaging and green consumption

With the augmentation of the people and the harmonious development of ecological consciousness, so we should advocate and promote green packaging and green consumption idea, perfect packaging, recycling and waste management system in promote the use of green low carbon materials at the same time, used for packaging materials for processing, to achieve the purpose of secondary and even used multiple times, increasing the service efficiency of packaging.

As an important part of logistics and transportation, packaging is widely used in the logistics and transportation industry, which has a great impact on the efficiency of logistics and transportation.

Short comment: the development of packaging has promoted the progress of logistics and transportation, and with the rapid development of modern logistics, higher requirements have been put forward for packaging. For the packaging of steel drums, the tightness of steel drums is also very important. Our drum closure, cap seal and other products can provide good tightness for steel drums.

They need to depend on each other, complement each other and develop together.

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