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VOCs Governance Potential Security Risks

In the process of VOCs governance, there are some security risks, if not accurately identified, it may cause a security accident. Combined with the common environmental protection transformation methods and the analysis of existing accidents, the possible risks in the exhaust gas treatment process mainly include the following 10 points.

1. If the enterprise changes materials, it does not carry out risk analysis in accordance with the change management requirements.

2. The airtight operation of the oil storage tank may cause the breathing valve on the top of the tank to fail to work normally and increase the safety risk of the material storage process.

3. Oil pollution tank, sewage treatment system to implement closed management, may make the accumulation of combustible gas, prone to explosion accidents; Closed production workshop management, may cause poor ventilation in the workshop, so that the escape of gas accumulation, prone to explosion.

4. The centralized collection of tail gas may make different tail gas react with each other or tail gas strung into other storage tanks and react with the materials in the storage tank, bringing new safety risks.

5. In order to control the volatilization of oil and gas, the valve between the tank and the top of the tank car is closed during transportation, which is easy to cause the pressure rise in the tank, and the material leakage is easy to occur during the pressure relief.

6. The addition of environmental protection treatment facilities often involves fire operation and other special operations. If the special operation management and contractor management are not in place, it is easy to cause fire and explosion accidents.

7. The increase of oil and gas recovery facilities is likely to lead to insufficient fire spacing with flammable and explosive sites, thus increasing safety risks.

8. In the exhaust gas treatment transformation, the selection of explosion-proof electrical facilities according to the requirements of the code is neglected, and the selection of non-explosion-proof electrical facilities in the area of explosion risk may lead to the risk of fire accidents caused by electrical sparks.

9. There is no safety risk assessment demonstration for the newly added RTO, and no HAZOP analysis and corresponding safety measures are taken for those with complex waste gas composition.

10. After the transformation, staff training is not in place, and there may be new operational risks in the trial production process.

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