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The Reasons For The Closure Of Many Small And Medium-sized Cooperage Companies Have Finally Been Found Out!


Buddy partnership · Enemy dispersal

The most common mode of gathering and dispersing for Chinese companies-at the beginning of the company's establishment, partners deal with mutual relationships with emotion and loyalty. The system and equity are either uncertain or vague.

After the enterprise became larger, the system became important and the interests began to be eye-catching. So "ranking, dividing gold and silver, and discussing honor and disgrace", the enterprise is not only at odds with internal friction, or the heroes of Liangshan are scattered.

Therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of an enterprise, an appropriate "money sharing" mechanism must be established!


Superstition "Airborne Soldiers"

It is said that "foreign monks can recite sutras". The correct approach should be: do not use "airborne troops", do not use "airborne troops" indiscriminately, and do not use all "airborne troops".

Chinese companies have learned too many lessons in this regard, but there will always be people who can’t help making mistakes: abandon the talents around them, and be superstitious of the masters far away.


Face is greater than truth

Leaders who care about face are hard to convince the crowd. Face-saving is the main thing in everything, and it is difficult to consider things thoroughly, and it is difficult to make big things happen. As a leader, you should put the truth in front of face and arrange things with the truth. When encountering problems, truth is more important than face, and they are methodical.

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