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Understanding These Ten Points Can Help You Solve 95% Of Quality Problems!

01. Do things right at the first time, and solve problems as soon as possible. Don't wait until the workers have done it or wait until the final inspection to find out. It's too late.

02. Don't pretend if you haven't seen the result with your own eyes.

03. Don't think that there will be no errors with molds and fixtures (samples, standards).

04. how do you know?

Don't simply take the response you get as the correct answer. You must train your employees on an ongoing basis and witness with your own eyes that they are indeed doing things right. Internal audits must be conducted, and a comprehensive internal audit system must be established to ensure that workers comply with the factory's standard operating procedures.

05. Never assume.

06. Use basic common sense.

07. Create a stable and reasonable working environment to manage your employees and reduce human errors.

08. Strictly implement the on-site "5S" and keep all working areas clean and tidy.

09. Authorize and encourage your employees at all levels to discover various problems at work and report them in a timely manner.


Set high standards.

Short comment: These ten methods can also be used to ensure product quality when reproducing steel drum accessories. The products produced by Xuheng are drum closure, cap seal, clamp, etc.

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