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Urgent Notice! 15 Grade Typhoon CANDU About To Land, Port Closed!

Urgent Notice! 15 Grade Typhoon CANDU About To Land, Port Closed!

At 06:00 on September 13, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue orange typhoon warning.

At 5 a.m. yesterday (13th), the center is located in the sea about 185km southeast of Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province. The maximum wind force near the center is force 15 (48m / s). It is expected to pass through Zhoushan Islands on the afternoon of the 13th, land in Pudong, Shanghai and Qidong, Jiangsu from the evening to the evening of the 13th, rotate from Hangzhou Bay to the Yangtze River Estuary, and move northeast from the 16th, with the intensity gradually weakening.

Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration starts level I emergency response of offshore platform. According to the dynamics and development trend of typhoon, the coastal area of Ningbo has entered the first-class platform since 1900 on September 12. As of 1900 on September 12, there were more than 1400 Taiwan sheltering merchant ships and more than 6700 people on board in Ningbo waters. All 427 operating ships in the port were also evacuated.

Typhoon CANDU is developing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Due to its long stay, even more than Fireworks, the previous typhoon, the heavy rainfall weather in Shanghai will last about three to four days, accompanied by strong winds above level 7. At present, many departments in Shanghai have responded to strong typhoons by stopping work, classes and flights.

Short comments: Affected by the typhoon, major docks, storage yards and warehouses in Ningbo and Shanghai have successively notified to suspend operations. The next shipping date is bound to be affected.

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