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Mauser Has The World's Largest Recycling System For Used Packaging Containers. How Does It Work?

Mauser Has The World's Largest Recycling System For Used Packaging Containers. How Does It Work?

Each year, Mauser's container recycling system collects tens of millions of used, empty IBCs, plastic and steel drums from companies around the world. Why do we do this? Because Mauser thinks it's the right and responsible thing to do!

Mauser is committed to the practice of "sustainable recycling" and provides solutions to reduce users' carbon footprints. Collecting old packaging containers is the first step in responsibly extending the life cycle of industrial packaging. Five things you should know about Mauser's used packaging collection program.

Five things you should know:

01Recycling old packaging containers can reduce a user's carbon footprint

Recycling old packaging containers is not only good for the environment but also supports users' own sustainability goals. By returning old packaging, users transfer waste from the landfill to the Mauser recycling system, protecting natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint. In 2019 alone, Mauser's collection and renovation programs helped customers prevent more than 1.5 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. That's the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 293,000 cars!

02A used container collector is near you

Mauser used packaging Recycling Solutions has the largest collection and refurbishment network of industrial packaging with more than 75 facilities worldwide. Mauser's old packaging collection is probably close to you! At recycling plants around the world, Mauser has regulatory knowledge that is critical to the safe and correct disposal of used packaging.

03Quick and easy daily collection

Mauser's used packaging collection service is quick and convenient. It's as simple as sending an email or making a phone call to Mauser, and you can submit business directly from the mobile APP. If the user has different types of old packaging containers, such as IBCs drums, steel drums, or plastic drums, Mauser can combine them into one container. Mauser combines efficiency with safe and fast processing to free up storage space for users and ensure your workplace is safe.

04No problem with old containers that aren't Mauser's

Mauser's solutions collect old IBCs drums and steel and plastic drums from most major packaging manufacturers, including Mauser's competitors. Also included are 375-gallon /1000L and 330-gallon /1250L composite IBC, 30-gallon /114L and 55-gallon /208L open or closed plastic drums and steel drums.

05Diversified product recycling system

Mauser is committed to helping users achieve true large-scale sustainability. That's why Mauser offers a range of cleaned and refilled IBCs as well as refurbished plastic and steel drums. Mauser collectable used packaging is available in various sizes of international and non-international standards.

Short comments: we are vendor of Mauser Group for many years, with large quantities of drum closures, cap seals, and etc.

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