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Why Must Lubricants Have Good Thermal Oxidation Stability?

Why Must Lubricants Have Good Thermal Oxidation Stability?

  1. Because the hydrocarbons in the lubricating oil react with air, NO, NO2 and SO2 at high temperature, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and acids contain oxygen compounds.

  2. The high temperature cooling of the engine is not good, and the lubricating oil is volatile, which increases the consumption of lubricating oil.

  3. The working conditions of the piston of the cylinder are bad. The oil film is subjected to reciprocating motion under the high temperature surface, and the side stress of the pressure surface is large when the high shear rate occurs during the stroke, and the oil film is destroyed and oxidized

  4. The oxidation process of lubricating oil is very intense under the condition of high temperature. In the thin layer of lubricating oil on the surface of parts, part of light fraction is evaporated, and the other part is deeply oxidized under the catalysis of metal, and finally the condensation is generated and deposited on the surface of parts to form paint film.

  5. Although the oil temperature in the crankcase is lower, due to the strong agitation and splash of lubrication, the contact surface with oxygen is very large, the oxidation is quite intense so that the soluble and insoluble matter in the oil increases.

  6. deposition in the piston groove and adsorption of carbide in the gas, further coking, the formation of paint film, paint film has greater harm so that the cylinder wear aggravated.

  7. Especially for modern high-performance engines, the thermal load is very high. For example, some supercharged diesel engines need to inject lubricating oil into the piston cavity to reduce its temperature, which puts forward higher requirements for the oxidation stability of lubricating oil.

    To sum up, engine lubricants must have good thermal oxidation stability.

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