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Water - Based Paint Coating Several Technical Requirements Analysis

3. How to construct: waterborne paint can be painted and sprayed.

The area is not large, brush construction: waterborne paint brush is recommended to use waterborne nylon brush construction, along the wood texture of thin brush, brush coating is recommended to brush in the end, reduce brush marks, do not recommend repeated rubbing, back and forth too many brush marks more obvious. If there are brush marks after construction, polishing cotton or fine sandpaper can be used to polish the brush marks.

Beautiful effect, spraying construction: spray gun construction, fast speed, can make the spraying surface smooth and smooth, beautiful effect. It is recommended to use a caliber of 2.0mm spray gun when spraying, and carefully check whether the spray gun is clean before spraying.

Before construction, lumber surface must be polished and clean without dust, and the surface that has brushed oily paint must be polished completely. No matter what kind of construction in the process of construction, remember not to brush too thick. Construction should be carried out above 5℃, wood moisture content below 20%, air humidity below 80% environment, and maintain ventilation; It should be stirred before use and left to be used after the bubble disappears.

4. What should be paid attention to when using water-based coatings with high humidity and low temperature?

In less than 5°C, humidity of about 85%, the construction of waterborne paint will appear white surface, slow dry surface. If the construction period is in a hurry, please do a good job of heating and dehumidification measures, increase infrared lamp irradiation and other heating tools, and improve the ambient temperature.

5. After the completion of the waterborne paint coating, how long shall not touch the water?

After waterborne paint besmear is brushed, paint film is not dry when must not touch water, after general dry 7 days do not touch water can make paint film achieve the best result. If the temperature is low and the humidity is high, the drying time of the film must be extended. When the film surface is dry, water splashes to the surface of the painted material, the surface of the painted film is prone to sag; The paint film is not dry, there is water soaked in the paint film surface, easy to produce the phenomenon of whitening. Same principle, the hardness of initial stage paint film, fight scratch, heat resistance, the performance such as water all did not achieve the best result, as the elapse of time, these physical and chemical performance can improve gradually.

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