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Application Of 200-210L Open Steel Drum Plastic Liner

Application Of 200-210L Open Steel Drum Plastic Liner

The 200-210L open steel drum plastic liner is a specially developed lining bag for round steel barrels, utilizing round welding technology. This innovative solution eliminates the need for cleaning and opening the lid of the barrel, making it easy to access the contents while ensuring excellent hygiene. The round bottom lining bag enhances the effective utilization of liquid substances stored in the drum.

Product Features of Round Bottom Steel Drum Lining Bag:

  1. Convenience: The thickness of the round bottom steel drum lining bag is only 1/6th of that of a resin liner in a chemical drum, making it extremely easy to access the contents.

  2. Tight Seal: The round can cover tightly seals the bottom and upper part of the lining bag, preventing any wrinkles and ensuring a secure fit.

  3. Easy Retrieval: After filling, the lining bag can be tightly covered with the lid, and it is easy to take out the contents. This not only prevents spillage but also significantly improves production efficiency.

  4. High-Quality Materials: The lining bag is made from special plastic films that possess excellent strength and resistance to chemicals.

  5. Hygiene: The round bottom steel drum lining bag meets food hygiene requirements, ensuring the contents remain safe and uncontaminated.

The round bottom lined bag for 200-liter steel drums allows for better reuse of the iron barrel, thereby reducing packaging costs. It can be used inside galvanized or plastic barrels, eliminating the need for re-cleaning and maintaining cleanliness. Various film thicknesses and lengths are available to suit different requirements.

The LDPE film barrel has a thickness ranging from 100u to 200u, with a controlled thickness deviation within 5%.

In summary, the drum plastic liner is specifically designed for storing products in chemical barrels such as fruit juice, ketchup, paint, ink, glue, and adhesives. It can be customized to meet specific specifications and shapes, providing a versatile solution for various applications.

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