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Performance Test Of Transport Package

Preparation before the test of the transport package

1. Circulation environment analysis

a. Definition

Circulation: After a product is packaged, it forms a package. It is the entire process from leaving the factory to the end of consumption.

Circulation environment: the various links experienced by the package in the circulation process.

b. Meaning

By analyzing different circulation environments, simulating each link, testing the protective performance of the packaging to the contents,

And find out the main cause of damage to the package, and finally achieve the purpose of protecting the product.

c. Three links (loading and unloading, transportation, storage)

c1. Loading, unloading and handling links

Main hazard: drop shock

Degree of hazard: determined by the height of the drop

The drop height is generally determined by the quality of the package and the loading and unloading

The way is decided. The lighter the package, the higher the drop height.

d. Transportation link

Main hazards: shock and vibration

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