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Can't Open the Steel Drum Cover? Let Me Teach You

Steel drums are widely used in petroleum, chemical products, food and other fields. In order to prevent leakage of liquid and its corrosiveness, the metal lid and other accessories are generally used to seal the standard steel drums during transportation. So, how to open the lid of the steel drum after receiving the goods? Here are a few steps to teach you:

Remove the safety buckle on the drum cover

The steel drum is sealed with a metal rain cover made of iron sheet. Before opening the drum cap seal, use pliers to grip the edge of the rain cover and remove it with force.


Open the inner cover of the steel drum

The steel drum has metal caps with protrusions at both ends;

The inner cover is reinforced in a "clockwise direction".


Use the drum tool to grasp the protruding position at both ends of the metal cap seal and also unscrew it counterclockwise. Then the drum cover can be opened and used.

About the selection of drum opening tools

  • Professional drum opening tools, if drums need to be opened frequently, it is recommended to keep a set of professional tools for convenient and safe use. This tool is very practical and labor-saving.


  • Pliers commonly used in work can also be used to open the drum cover. Use the pliers to clamp the edge of the cover that protrudes, and rotate counterclockwise.


  • Two screwdrivers can also be used to respectively clamp the two ends of the drum cover to open it.


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