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The Market Is Increasing, And The Development Of China's Steel Barrel Industry Is At The Right Time

After talking about the steel drum itself, let's talk about industry production companies and industry chain dynamics. Due to the rapid development of the steel drum industry and the low requirements for centralized overall process technology, steel drum enterprises in China presented an "extensive development model" at the beginning of their development. Then the market competition became increasingly fierce. Under the condition of relatively balanced development of process and technology, some regions Steel drum companies also have vicious competition events dominated by "low prices". From a long-term development perspective, vicious circle competition and low price strategies have never been able to escort the healthy development of enterprises. Steel drum manufacturing is a physical increase. In addition to advocating industry self-discipline, industry also believes in the charm of the inheritance of processing and manufacturing. However, in contrast to industry development, whether it is vicious competition or extensive development mode, it is an inevitable process and epitome of an industry in its development history.

The Market Is Increasing, And The Development Of China's Steel Barrel Industry Is At The Right Time

With China's gradual rectification and management of "small" enterprises that are dirty, messy and have certain safety hazards, although there is a downward trend in the use of steel drums in a certain volume, the use and turnover of chemical and petroleum The volume is always rising. As a few days ago, the total investment in the coal coking and downstream recycling industry chain project of Wuhai City Taihe Group was 10.42 billion yuan. The planned construction scale is 3 million tons of coke and 300,000 tons of methanol per year. 120,000 tons of methanol, an annual output of 100,000 tons of liquid ammonia, and an annual output of 200,000 tons of corrosion-resistant glass fiber. Once the industrial chain is completed, the use of steel drum packaging will also be another growth point.

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