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Causes And Countermeasures Of Concave Deformation Of Steel Drum Body In Production Process-4

Forth, Improve the structure of the steel drum and enhance the strength of the steel drum.

In order to enhance the strength of the steel barrel body and reduce the generation of dents, the original structure design of 6 small ripples can be improved to 4 large ripples. In order to verify the strength of the improved steel drum, a negative pressure test was carried out between four large corrugated steel drums and the original six small corrugated steel drums. After vacuum-pumping to -0.048MPa, a pit with a diameter of about 130mm appeared on the smooth surface between two W bars when the 4-channel large corrugated steel drum was slapped by hand, but no pits appeared on the corrugated surface. After the atmospheric pressure was restored, the pits on the surface of the steel drum were eliminated automatically.6 small corrugated steel drums gently pat by hand, the smooth surface between the two W bars produced pits with a diameter of about 230mm, the steel drums were seriously deformed when patting the corrugated surface.

The structure improvement of the 4-channel corrugated steel drum makes the shape of the packaging steel drum more powerful, more visual impact effect, and also meets the requirements of the users for the packaging steel drum. It greatly improves the internal quality and appearance of the packaging steel drum and makes up for some defects of the original standard drum shape.

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