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Causes And Countermeasures Of Concave Deformation Of Steel Drum Body In Production Process

First, the material physical and mechanical properties of steel drums are reduced after thinning, which is easy to cause the dents after the drums are knocked.

The thinning of the steel drum makes the material thickness of the steel drum change from the former national standard GB/T 325 (1.0mm for the barrel body and 1.2mm for the barrel top and bottom) to the current 0.8mm for the barrel body and 1.0mm for the barrel top and bottom. This will reduce the physical and mechanical properties of the steel plate by 20 ~ 30% and inevitably cause the indentation of the steel drum after knock. However, we can take measures such as strengthening the strength of steel drums (W bars, wide corrugated bars, barrel bottom ring bars, shrinking neck, etc.), laying rubber plates on the production site, handling lightly during loading and unloading, and installing protective barrel sleeves in the transportation process, so as to avoid the problem that the steel drums are prone to dent in the thinning.

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