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Reformation Measures Before Treatment

As we all know, steel drum industry, container industry belongs to such as sheet metal is spoken by the largest number of production enterprises. But before finishing condition is not very ideal, especially before dry cleaning. Relevant staff will not deal with all kinds of chemical residues, but these artifacts after cleaning. Once its residual chemicals are not clean, then will directly affect the water-based paint adhesion, serious when still can cause other coating defects. Therefore, in the actual work process, the relevant personnel should appropriately increase the chemical residue cleaning equipment, such as steam cleaning, spray cleaning, drying equipment, etc. If the equipment cannot be increased or the site cannot be changed, then it is necessary to manually wipe the barrel. Secondly, in the new coating production line, the staff must increase the treatment process of residual chemicals, to avoid the cleaning of various links after treatment, thus affecting the overall work efficiency.

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