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Development Trends and Applications of Sealed Steel Barrels

As China further opens up to the outside world, the use of national standard steel drums for export packaging has been restricted. In recent years, many steel drum enterprises in China have begun to improve their products to be internationally compatible. Among them, ISO international standard steel drums, container-specific steel drums, and conical opening steel drums have developed rapidly. The closure structure of steel drum has been fully internationalized.

ISO international standard steel drums are mostly used for the packaging of exported chemical products. With a standard diameter of 571mm and a capacity of 42 gallons, it is the steel drum product with the most development potential in China.

Container-specific steel drums, commonly known as W-shaped steel drums in the industry, are improved by combining national standards and Italian standards. This type of steel drum has a maximum hoop diameter smaller than that of the national standard steel drum, not only saving space in container transportation, but also strengthening the steel drum's strength. Conical opening steel drums are produced entirely according to Italian standards and are commonly used for packaging food raw materials. They have been widely used in western China, mainly for the export packaging of tomato sauce and jam. The main feature of this type of steel drum is its low transportation cost when empty, easy recycling and handling, and reasonable use of space in container transportation. The closure structure and size of the closed steel drum have been completely internationalized using the international standard Imperial closer, fully realizing the international transition.

The use of closed drums: mainly used for filling liquids, its products mainly include chemicals, petrochemicals, and paints. The advantages of the closed steel drum are mainly divided into the following six points:

  • Can package materials with high temperatures.

  • Can also be packaged and stored at low temperatures.

  • Not affected by UV radiation changes.

  • The iron drum is an ideal container for UV-sensitive goods.

  • Little leakage with steel drum plugs.

  • Common stacking methods and strengths save space for storage and transportation.

During the polishing process of closed drums, attention needs to be paid to two stages, one is polishing, and the other is glazing. During polishing, the main focus is to remove the irregular welds on the steel drum, and glazing requires special treatment to make it have a mirror effect. We need to pay attention to the maintenance of the closed drum purchased, the technique is: first sprinkle cleaning agent or stain remover on a soft cloth, then wet it with a little water, then wipe it, then wash it with clean water, put it outdoors, naturally air dry, and don't put the stainless steel iron drum in a damp environment, where it cannot be exposed to the air, otherwise the iron drum will be corroded due to moisture.


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