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Shandong Iron And Steel Co., Ltd. Strives To Seek Market Breakthroughs In The Steel Barrel Industry

Shandong Iron and Steel Group Rizhao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Rizhao Company") was formed by the reorganization of several steel mills such as Jigang and Laiwu Steel under the national strategy. The cold rolling production line was put into operation in January 2018. The whole line was put into production in April 2019. The annual production capacity of steel products in the first phase is 7.9 million tons. Shipbuilding, oil and natural gas pipeline boilers and pressure vessels, as well as metal vessels and other industries, the second phase plans zinc, aluminum and magnesium products. At present, the production line of "Shandong Rizhao Company" integrates the most advanced technology, while taking into account green and intelligent manufacturing. It is a high-end and efficient manufacturing enterprise. Shandong Iron and Steel Rizhao Company takes advantage of convenient geographical advantages, from its own ore and finished product docks to the entire production line. Compact, smooth and efficient logistics, to meet the overall needs of cold-rolled and hot-rolled strip products, and adopt the whole process of big data collection, analysis and diagnosis to continuously ensure product quality.

Shandong Iron And Steel Co., Ltd. Strives To Seek Market Breakthroughs In The Steel Barrel Industry

The key equipment of Shandong Rizhao Company is imported from abroad, using the narrow lap welder of TEMIC Company of Japan, the vertical annealing furnace of DREVER Company of Belgium, the new type of air knife of Germany FOEN, the whole line correction device of EMG Company of Germany, etc. The main equipment is manufactured by domestic cooperation. The equipment is at the leading domestic level. Advanced pre-oxidation technology, in-furnace radar correction, and high-hydrogen flash cooling technology have all been successfully implemented, providing a reliable guarantee for the quality of galvanized products. Cold rolling is a key process for intelligent high-end manufacturing in Rizhao Steel's boutique base, adding weight to the high-end market and continuing to write a new legend in steel smelting.

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