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Discussion On The Selection And Evaluation Standard Of Air Purification Equipment in Metal Packaging Industry

Environmental protection is under pressure, and the metal packaging industry urgently needs to solve the effective management of VOCs

Due to the danger of VOC, many countries have issued laws to regulate the emission of VOC. The "Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law" promulgated by my country requires the purification of toxic gases produced in industrial production and the recycling of combustible gases. The "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996) stipulates the emission standards of 33 volatile organic compounds. Most other volatile organic compounds are treated as non-methane hydrocarbons, and unified emission standards (<120mg /m3). With the official levy of environmental protection tax this year, enterprises will be able to control pollution and reduce emissions and upgrade industrial technology.

As far as the metal packaging industry is concerned, since the organic solution in the coatings used by most companies contains benzene, toluene, ethyl acetate, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone and other ingredients, there will be some problems during surface coating and drying processes. Certain harmful volatiles are currently one of the major environmental protection authorities. Under the high pressure of environmental protection, the metal packaging industry must solve the problem of "effective treatment of low-concentration and high-volume organic waste gas generated in color printing, coating and baking", rationally use resources, protect the environment, significantly improve the level of industry technology and equipment, and accelerate waste gas The upgrading of purification equipment and other related supporting equipment will break the technology and market monopoly of foreign companies in this field, and improve my country's competitiveness in the world packaging industry.

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