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Tangshan Steel City Piaohong, Steel Prices Still Have Room To Rise Next Week

Tangshan Steel City Piaohong, Steel Prices Still Have Room To Rise Next Week

This week the spot market as a whole mainstream price shock up.

With the performance of raw materials and futures, the spot market mentality was boosted, coupled with the actual transaction performance of the spot market relative to last week increased, so the first half of the week market performance mainly to upward repair.

Toward the end of the week, the market actual purchase demand weakened, turnover focused on speculative transactions.

In addition to futures plate performance slightly down, the overall performance of the market mentality cautious, the price of weak stable operation.

Short comments: At present, the inflation in the United States is very fierce, and the comprehensive policy of lowering the reserve requirement ratio and easing has stimulated the price inflation in the United States to become even more severe. The situation is very big. China is the manufacturing center of the world, and the rise of all kinds of bulk commodities is beneficial to China.

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