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Drum faucet

When we want to drain the liquid out of the drum, the easiest way is to install a drum faucet. Drum faucets allow controlled and fast distribution of contents from drums. Also known as drum taps, they secure to bungholes and bungs with faucet knockouts. Their handles have control valves that open and close to release and stop liquids. Drum faucets help minimize waste and improve accuracy when filling smaller containers.It is one of the common accessories of the drum.

It fits 2” & 3/4 neck and comes with leak-proof EPDM gasket, which can be adjusted to dispensing position without thread damage or leakage.Tough & durable polyethylene material for good resistance to chemicals. When you twist the handle the hole will appear and the fluid will flow through. Twist it back to the original position and the fluid will stop flowing.These manual-closing faucets have handles that twist back and forth to open and close their valves. Their valves remain open or closed when their handle is fully turned to either position and don't require active engagement like self-closing faucets. With a reliable drum cap sealing tool at the ready, handling and dispensing fluids can be accomplished safely and efficiently.

Plastic Drum Faucet, recommended for dispensing non-corrosive fluids, lightweight oils, mild chemicals, most water-based fluids and cleaning solutions. Whether utilizing for commercial or industrial applications, a reliable plastic drum seal can make all the difference in handling and dispensing fluids safely and efficiently.

It comes in many color schemes, and the most common color on the market is brown.

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