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Oil Standard For Construction Machinery

Construction machinery oil refers to the lubricating oil specially used for large excavators, loaders, hoisting machines, forklifts, cranes, concrete mixers, road rollers and other large machinery equipment.

It mainly includes four categories, more than ten varieties, such as diesel turbocharged engine oil for construction machinery, anti-wear hydraulic oil for construction machinery, heavy-duty gear oil and hydraulic transmission oil.

Engine oil (diesel oil)

Construction machinery is often in a high speed and high load working state, the role of engine oil is to transport lubricating oil to the friction surface of the moving parts, in order to achieve lubrication, sealing, cleaning, cooling, hydraulic, buffer and rust prevention and other functions.

Selection: the selection of quality level should be based on the recommendation of the internal combustion engine manufacturer, the mechanical and thermal load of the diesel engine, the severity of the working conditions and other factors.

Viscosity grade can be selected according to:

1, ambient temperature: if often in a high temperature environment, should choose high viscosity oil, such as 15W-40 or even 20W-50, if it is used in northern winter, should choose low temperature performance better oil.

2, load: large tonnage, heavy load, continuous high-speed operation of the construction machinery, should choose high viscosity oil, so as to ensure that the high temperature to provide enough oil film strength;

Small mechanical equipment with small load and moderate working conditions can use diesel engine oil of lower viscosity grade.

3, old and new equipment: new equipment in all aspects with small clearance, can choose low viscosity oil.

The old equipment has a certain degree of wear and tear, and the fit clearance is large, so it is necessary to use oil with greater viscosity to achieve better sealing requirements, so the oil viscosity of the old equipment is generally higher.

Transmission system (hydraulic oil)

The hydraulic transmission is a fluid transmission which uses the liquid kinetic energy to transfer energy.

Impeller will power machine (internal combustion engine, motor, turbine, etc.) input speed, torque to be converted through the output shaft to drive the working part of the machine.

The liquid interacts with the impellers installed on the input shaft, output shaft and housing to produce a change in the moment of momentum, thus transferring energy.

Choice: hydraulic transmission oil is not only the transmission medium of hydraulic transmission, but also the hydraulic control oil of the shift actuator, such as wet shift clutch, shift brake and various control valves in the automatic control shift hydraulic system. It also provides lubrication and cooling for the bearings and gears in the torque converter and gear transmission.

Therefore, hydraulic transmission oil is a very high demand oil, directly related to the reliability of hydraulic components, transmission efficiency and service life.

Construction machinery with hydraulic transmission oil commonly used grades 6, 8 and other products.

Heavy duty gear oil

Construction machinery gear transmission device mainly includes variable speed device, steering machine, gearbox of front and rear drive axle and universal joint needle roller bearing and other parts.

The transmission in the power system is second only to the importance of the engine.

The most widely used is the stepwise transmission, which is geared and has a number of fixed-value transmission ratios.

Choice: in order to make the transmission long-term, smooth and effective work, must add appropriate vehicle gear oil, in order to reduce the friction and wear of the gear, transfer the heat generated by the friction surface, to prevent corrosion and rust.

The performance characteristics of vehicle gear oil mainly lie in the small kinematic viscosity, excellent extreme pressure wear resistance, good low temperature performance, excellent viscosity-temperature performance and energy saving, environmental protection performance.

For general equipment, GL-5 level is optional.

The viscosity level can be selected from 80W-90, 85W-90, 85W-140 depending on load and ambient temperature.

Short comment:  The choice of high-quality lubricating oil also needs to choose high-quality lubricating oil container and container packaging. CX drum closure is essential.

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