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Environmental Progress of Steel Drum Closures

Electroplating, painting and other processes in the production process of steel drums are major causes of water pollution and air pollution. Therefore, in the cause of environmental protection, our steel drum industry still has a long way to go.

The electroplating of steel drum closures in our country has always been a very important source of pollution. In order to solve the pollution of electroplating, we have learned from foreign advanced experience, carefully studied the technology, and made great progress.


In accordance with environmental laws, galvanizing applications of CR6 will be phased out worldwide in the near future. But our factories have developed a new CR3 process, which not only protects our environment, but also provides a safe workplace. The use of CR3 electroplating process will reduce the environmental pollution caused by the use of CR6 in the electroplating process, and at the same time improve product performance


The chromium passivation layer is located on the outermost layer of the galvanized sealer, and its existence is very important for the rust resistance and the adhesion of the outer paint of the sealer product.


The use of CR3 passivation will reduce the impact on the environment and human health, while improving the performance of the product.


● Excellent rust resistance

● Structure and performance proven by industry leaders

● Fully comply with environmental protection requirements

● Provide a safer workplace


At present, all steel drum closure factories in China will use CR3 passivation as a standard galvanizing production process.

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