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Recommended 8 Types of Steel Drum Covers by International Industrial Packaging Organization

Various types of drum closures listed below are suitable for different types of steel drum packaging closure systems.

By material, they can be divided into three types: metal drum closures, plastic drum closures, and metal and plastic hybrid drum closures.

By size, they can be divided into small capacity steel drum closures and large capacity steel drum closures, among other types. Among these, the metal-plastic composite drum closure is suitable for small steel drums. The drum closure can be pulled out to pour the contents and pushed in to close the drum, preventing product contamination and allowing for repeated use.

The flange of a steel drum is a permanent seal embedded in the top of the drum. Generally, it is a standardized accessory with fewer variations compared to drum closures. Most steel drums have NPT (National Pipe Thread) or NPS (National Pipe Straight Standard) threads.

Typically, international standard 2" and ¾" fittings are used for steel drums and pails. These fittings are made from various materials, including steel, zinc, nylon, and polyethylene.

Nylon and plastic drum closures

Nylon and plastic drum caps are commonly used with flammable goods and are designed to melt when exposed to high temperatures. Nylon drum closures prevent pressure from building up inside the drum, which can cause explosions. Some drum closures also have special micropores and rubber vents to ensure drum ventilation.

Steel drum closures

Common 2" and ¾" steel drum plugs come in various gasket and coating options to ensure compatibility with packaged products. Using this type of drum plug can also result in a higher UN rating for the entire packaging.

Stainless steel drum closures

For food packaging drums, as well as seasonings, specialty chemicals, or products requiring high purity, stainless steel drum closures are generally used. This type of drum plug can be used for various types of steel drums and requires different gasket options.

Galvanized drum plugs

Galvanized drum plugs can be used when a product does not need to come into contact with iron.

Drum closures with dispensing spouts

These drum closures come in a metal and plastic hybrid or all-plastic form. Dispensing spout drum plugs are commonly used in small capacity steel drums that are used for dispensing goods. They feature an integrated tamper-evident function with a plastic pull ring that is removed before tilting the drum and dispensing the contents. The dispensing spout can be easily pushed back into the flange and sealed with the provided cap to prevent product contamination.


Flanges are permanent embedded attachments in steel drums. They have standard threads, and most steel drums have NPT or NPS thread openings. They are tapered pipe threads that tighten as they are twisted to meet liquid sealing requirements.

Drum closure gaskets

To secure steel drums during transportation, closure gaskets are used to install on the neck of the drum plug. Once the container is filled and the drum closure is tightened onto the flange, closure gaskets are often used to provide tamper-evident protection. The closure gaskets press onto the drum plug and can only be removed by breaking the seal.

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