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Epoxy Phenolic Resin Paint

Today we introduce epoxy phenolic resin paint, which is a high-performance, high-crosslinking, two-component epoxy phenolic tank paint with outstanding heat and solvent resistance.

All surfaces to be coated with epoxy phenolic resin paint should be clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Prior to painting, all surfaces should be evaluated and treated according to the ISO 8504:2000 standard. Weld spatter should be removed as necessary and weld seams and sharp edges should be ground smooth. If there is grease, it should be cleaned with solvents according to SSPC-SP1.

Spray treatment: This product can only be applied to surfaces that have been sandblasted to achieve Sa2 1/2 (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC SP10 standards. A surface roughness of 50-75 microns (2-3 mils) is recommended. Epoxy phenolic resin paint must be applied before steel surfaces oxidize. If oxidation does occur, the entire oxidized area should be re-sandblasted and meet the mentioned standards.

Surface defects exposed during sandblasting should be treated appropriately by grinding, filling, or other methods. Before oxidation occurs, epoxy phenolic resin paint (diluted with 10% epoxy thinner) can be used as a primer with a dry film thickness of up to 40 microns (1.5 mils). Alternatively, dehumidification equipment can be used to maintain the sandblasting effect. Detailed epoxy phenolic resin paint application procedures should be consulted before use.

Epoxy phenolic resin paint is usually specified as a three-coat paint system, with each coat thickness of 90 microns (3.6 mils) and a total dry film thickness of the paint system of 270 microns (10.8 mils). Exact specifications of the total dry film thickness depend on specific requirements for the final use.

Epoxy phenolic resin paint is suitable as an inner lining for storage and processing containers in petrochemical plants, resisting the corrosion of acidic crude oil with temperatures as high as 95℃ (203°F) and water from gas separators. It has good resistance to aromatic and aliphatic solvents.

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