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Standard For Use Of Steel Barrel Closures: Myers Container Company

1. Closed system components

In order to ensure compliance with the UN requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods, the filler must inspect and re-tighten all applicable caps as needed before shipment. Damaged gaskets must be replaced before shipment. Damage includes but is not limited to tearing, distortion and deterioration.

Standard For Use Of Steel Barrel Closures: Myers Container Company

2. Assembly steps of open steel drum hoop:

(1) Before installing the drum cover, please check whether the gasket is correctly in place, and remove the residues in the drum cover and drum body curling and grooves.

(2) Put the drum hoop on the steel drum, and make sure that the drum cover gasket is close to the edge (curled) of the roll tube of the open drum body and the gasket groove on the drum cover. The gasket should not protrude from the lid or the curled edge of the barrel.

(3) Put the bolt barrel hoop on the steel barrel. Make sure the direction of the bolt ring is correct so that the lug is below the top surface of the drum. You will need to hit the lid with a rubber or other non-sparking hammer or compress the gasket with forward pressure to ensure that the gasket is centered on the barrel tube. Check to make sure that the lid and body are pinched together and are in the groove of the barrel hoop.

(4) Screw the locknut onto the bolt, then screw in the threaded lug, and then tighten the bolt to a torque of 60 inches/lb. While applying torque to further secure the lid on the barrel, hammer on the circumference of the barrel hoop. Continue hammering the circumference of the barrel hoop and tighten the bolts until the torque stabilizes at 60 inches/lb and the lid will not loosen when further hammering on the circumference of the barrel hoop. Tighten the lock nut on the unthreaded lug. When a torque of 60 inches/lb is applied, the end face of the barrel hoop must not touch

The person responsible for installing the drum hoop is responsible for confirming that the drum hoop is correctly installed and tightened before the steel drum filled with materials is transported.

Short comments: Please carefully refer to the above drum locking ring installation method to avoid leakage of the drum.

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