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Filling and Storing the Pail After Opening for Shipment

When unlocking the bucket hoop, removing the bucket top cover, and installing the bucket cover and hoop, be careful not to get your hands caught in the gap between the bucket hoops, which may cause accidents.

When removing the bucket cover, dust and external coating film may fall into the bucket. Please do not randomly throw the bucket cover.

When installing the cover, tighten the bucket hoop. After filling, use a special torque wrench to tighten it and set the appropriate torque value.

The container should maintain a certain amount of storage space and comply with relevant laws and regulations (fire protection law, dangerous goods regulations, standards for notifying the transportation of hazardous substances by ships, standards for toxic substances and cargo container transportation, etc.). According to the provisions, ensure the safety margin space and correct storage methods of the steel drum.

During the filling and transportation process, please do not wipe off any spilled content on the bucket cover casually. Wiping may cause the surface coating to peel or the printed markings to disappear.

When filling with high-temperature contents, try to cool the contents to room temperature before filling. Do not install the bucket cover and hoop too early after high-temperature filling, as the steel drum may deform externally due to a vacuum phenomenon after sealing at high temperature, and water may be drawn in. When the bucket cover has an injection port, if the drum bung gaskets are made of polyethylene, it will soften and reduce the sealing and may leak under high temperature.

If there is any looseness in the lever lock ring during the storage period after filling, remove it and replace it with a bolt fastening bucket hoop, and then reinstall and tighten it to ensure the sealing performance of the steel drum.

After filling, prevent the steel drum from being bumped or rolled during transportation, as it may cause deformation, scratches, damage, and leakage. Please use elevators, forklifts, and other tools for transportation whenever possible.

After filling, the steel drum is usually stacked on pallets. Sometimes, imbalanced loads may damage the pallet. When the bucket cover is compressed, it may deform the gasket and cause leakage.

Please store the steel drum indoors. If stored outdoors, cover the drum with a rainproof and sunshade cover. Direct sunlight or temperature and humidity differences may negatively affect the quality of the contents. Especially for internally coated steel drums, it may cause the coating to peel off.

After filling the steel drum, do not place it horizontally, as horizontal placement may cause the drum body to deform, leading to leakage.

When installing or removing the bucket cover, please use protective gloves and appropriate tools. The edges of the bucket cover may cause injuries to your hands.

When opening the cover after filling the contents, always use personal protective equipment and be aware of the liquid splashing that may occur due to the pressure inside the steel drum.

When heating the steel drum to remove the contents, the coating and phosphating film on the inner surface of the steel drum may undergo changes, which may lead to contamination or deterioration of the contents. Therefore, do not directly heat the steel drum.

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