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[Knowledge Science] Lubricating Oil Application Common Problems Summary-2

Lubricating Oil Application Common Problems Summary

11. as long as the oil is frequently, almost lubricating oil can also be used?

A: No, the low-grade lubricating oil will destroy the friction surface of the friction parts. The damage of the hardness layer of the parts will deepen the wear of the parts, and the damage of the hardness layer is irreparable. The damaged surface becomes rough and causes wear, resulting in a vicious circle.

12. What is the meaning of lubricating oil viscosity?

Answer: Simply say: the viscosity of the lubricating oil is the flow speed of the lubricating oil under certain conditions, and the viscosity will change with the temperature. At present, the international use of 40℃ or 100℃ under the condition of the viscosity as a standard.

13. Does high viscosity of lubricating oil indicate good quality of lubricating oil?

A: No!

In general, when the speed of the parts is high, the load on the surface of the parts may be smaller, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is lower (for example, spindle oil); otherwise, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is higher (for example, gear oil).

Of course, the final must comply with the equipment supplier's selection of lubricating oil), and the quality of lubricating oil in addition to qualified viscosity also includes many indicators, so the viscosity can not be used only to evaluate the quality of lubricating oil.

14. What is the bubbling of the lubricating oil during the operation of the equipment?

Answer: generally is the quality of lubricating oil, qualified lubricating oil should not appear in the use of a large number of foam, users should not use will produce foam lubricating oil.

Another possible reason is that oil mixtures may cause foaming, so care should be taken to avoid mixing more than two properties of lubricating oil.

15. How is lubricating oil produced?

A: Lubricants are made from base oil refined from petroleum and added with various additives.

Therefore, high quality base oil and additives are the guarantee to produce high quality lubricating oil.

16. What does the number of lubricating oil mean?

Answer: According to the ISO standard, the viscosity of industrial lubricating oil measured at 40℃ temperature is divided into several viscosity grades. The larger the data, the higher the viscosity. Therefore, the number of lubricating oil refers to its viscosity grade.

17. Why is the viscosity of some lubricating oil of the same number different?

Answer: Each viscosity grade of lubricating oil has its viscosity range (equivalent to the tolerance zone of machining) is generally ±10%. For example, the viscosity range of 100# gear oil is 90-110, while the viscosity range of 150# gear oil is 135-165, which is qualified within the viscosity range.

What is the meaning of viscosity index?

Answer: any lubricating oil with temperature change viscosity will change, viscosity index is the data that determines the viscosity of oil with temperature change rate, viscosity index is higher, viscosity with temperature change is smaller, viscosity index of industrial lubricating oil is more than 90 commonly.

19. After the running in period of new equipment, whether the lubricating oil must be replaced?

A: the oil must be changed!

Because, new equipment in the initial operation will produce more metal particles in the lubricating oil, and these metal particles will aggravate parts wear.

20. Why does the new machine have a run-in period? Can poor oil be used during the run-in period?

Answer: under normal circumstances, the new machine is in the initial use stage, because the parts processing precision is impossible 100% accurate, therefore, the parts surface work in the process has the force uneven phenomenon, can produce certain wear and tear, namely the so-called run-in period wear and tear.

As a rule of thumb, most equipment suppliers prescribe a one-month break-in period.

The machine runs in the running period, the coordination between the parts is more harmonious, the machine runs more smoothly.

But because there is a certain amount of wear particles in the lubricating oil, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil, otherwise, the wear particles will cause the machine parts to continue to wear, leading to shorten the service life of the equipment.

Although the lubricating oil is only used for a month in the run-in period, some users mistakenly think that: anyway, only use a month, any oil can be used.

Here, a special reminder to users: the running-in period must not use poor oil.

Here's why:

I. Different parts of the machine have different requirements for the lubricating oil. The running in period does not reduce the requirements for the performance of the lubricating oil. On the contrary, it requires higher performance of the lubricating oil.

In the running-in stage, due to the errors of machining parts, the impact force on the surface of parts is greater, and it is more necessary to protect the working surface of parts from damage by high-quality lubricating oil.

Ⅱ. The running-in period is only worn out for the disharmonious part of the work between the machine parts. If a large amount of wear and tear on the surface of the parts is caused by the use of poor lubricating oil, the service life of the equipment will be greatly shortened:

①. After surface heat treatment of general parts, the surface hardness of parts is higher, and the internal hardness of parts is lower. If the hardness layer on the surface of parts is damaged due to the use of poor performance of lubricating oil, the parts will be quickly worn.

②. Wear damage is irreversible, once the wear cannot be repaired, have to replace the parts.

To sum up, the running-in period to use good oil, the running-in period should be timely oil change!

21. Parts wear is mainly due to parts processing or material problems; lubricating oil is secondary?

A: No!

Parts wear and parts material, processing accuracy, heat treatment is related, but the correct use of lubricating oil is also very important!

The same equipment, some users use fixed number of year long, some short service life, some users parts GengHuanLv high, some low GengHuanLv and use of lubricating oil, good or bad has a direct relationship between the work we've only had one of our customers without replacing the parts within three years, and have another unit on the same part replaced several times, illustrates the importance of lubricating oil.

22. Is the life of the oil seal related to the use of lubricating oil?

Answer: the life of the oil seal is directly related to the use of lubricating oil!

Some users found that less than half a year operation oil seal is broken, the use of inferior lube oil seal is damaged, one of the main reasons for poor abrasion resistance is poorer, lubricating oil will lead to shaft and bush and hole of wear and tear, that cause increase of the gap between parts, shaft, the transverse vibration caused by oil seal in the shaft is not running smoothly quickly is damaged, the damage is unable to save,

The new oil seal is used on the worn parts and will soon damage the ring, so we must pay attention to the use of high-quality lubricating oil.

23. How to identify the quality of lubricating oil?

A: Lubricating oil is like the blood of machinery and equipment. Lubricating oil with excellent performance can make the machine run healthy. On the contrary, the use of inferior lubricating oil is like the machine getting blood cancer, which causes irreversible wear and tear of machine parts and shortening of machine life.

Therefore, it is very important to use high-quality lubricating oil.

There are many kinds of lubricating oil in the market, and a certain proportion of fake and inferior lubricating oil exists in the market. If the users buy inferior lubricating oil, they will suffer huge losses. The general idea of purchasing lubricating oil is as follows:

1. Purchase lubricating oil brands recommended by equipment suppliers.

2. Procurement according to the introduction of similar equipment users (peers).

3. Purchase lubricating oil according to user's own experience.

How do you know the quality of the lubricating oil you buy?

Here are some lessons for your reference:

1) Please note whether the product has a brand name.

Was it in the right place?

Please be sure not to buy unbranded products.

2) Insert a long and thin pipe (for example stainless steel pipe) into the bottom of the barrel to extract the oil sample, and observe whether the appearance of the oil sample has impurities, moisture or turbidity. If there is this phenomenon, the lubricating oil product can be considered unqualified.

3) Judging whether the viscosity of lubricating oil is accurate according to experience.

Short comment: for the premium lubricant oil, the choices of the drum closure for the container is the important to protect the quality and leakage during the delivery. CX Cr3 drum closure sets with buna gasket or EPDM gasket is the most popular choice from the customers.

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