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Flex Spout Cap

The plastic oil drum cap and the stretch shrink cover of the oil pour port need to be welded together by a plastic welding process. The oil drum lid is made of PP and PE materials.

The production process of a spout cap for oil tin involves drilling a hole of corresponding size in the middle of the EVA plastic cover to make a breathable hole. Then the PTFE waterproof and breathable film is welded on the telescopic cover with hot pressing equipment, and then the telescopic cover is welded on the barrel cover by ultrasonic welding technology. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of environmental protection, sealing and energy saving.

 Polypropylene and polyethylene materials are difficult to weld with ultrasonics, and the product also has sealing requirements.

According to the natural frequency of the equipment, make ultrasonic welding mold for oil drum lid. Generally, oil drums are available in 20L/18L and 10L. Due to the different specifications of the oil drum, the oil drum closure also has different sizes. Make the bottom mold fixture according to the size and shape of the telescopic cover, and make the upper mold ultrasonic welding head according to the welding position of the oil drum cover. When producing, we only need one ultrasonic welding machine to replace different ultrasonic molds to weld different specifications of oil drum covers.

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