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Performance and Function of Sealing Materials for Steel Drum Cap Seals

With the development of the country's export-oriented economy, the volume of commodity exports is constantly increasing, and various steel drum cap seal manufacturers attach great importance to improving the quality of steel drum cap seals. In order to meet the requirements of international maritime dangerous goods regulations, many manufacturers of steel drum cap seals have begun to use round edge rolling technology. At the same time, the selection of sealing materials and the understanding of its important role in product quality are also constantly deepening.

Ⅰ. The performance of sealing materials for steel drum cap seals

According to the performance requirements of steel drum cap seals for sealing materials, a good sealing material must have the following characteristics:

  • It has certain chemical resistance. The sealing material does not corrode the metal surface, nor does it react with the sealed medium;

  • After the material is cured, it has certain strength and elasticity;

  • It has certain adhesion to the steel plate. The sealing filler has good adhesion to the metal bonding surface, even if it is subjected to impact and vibration, it can still firmly adhere to the metal surface.

  • It has good workability.

In short, the selection of sealing materials should be based on the equipment level of each plant. We should choose a steel drum cap seal material that has good sealing effect, easy to use, easy to manage, consumes less, the price is appropriate, and harmless to the operator.

Ⅱ. The role of sealing materials in the manufacturing process of steel drum cap seals

"Leakage rate" is a very important quality indicator of drum cap seals. Leakage is a fatal defect of steel drum cap seals. In the manufacturing process of steel drum cap seals, if we want to reduce the leakage rate, we must implement full-process management such as cutting, stitching, and sealing. The quality of cutting and stitching is relatively easy to control, but the quality of rolling the rim of the drum body and bottom cover is much more difficult to control. In the whole process of rolling, improving the sealing quality of the ring seam is a key issue. In addition to ensuring the geometric dimensions of the rolled edge, the filling of the sealing material is also crucial (of course, except for the welding method for the barrel body and bottom cover). What is the role of the sealing material?

1. The rolling of the drum body and bottom cover of the steel drum cap seal is completed by using mechanical external force to make the steel plate produce bending deformation in a cold state. Regardless of whether it is rectangular or circular rolling, the formation of voids in its cross-section is inevitable. If the holes are not filled with sealing material, it will be difficult to ensure that the drum steel cap seal does not leak after it is made.

2. Steel drum cap seals are the final packaging of products such as petroleum, chemical, and food (many of which are liquids). They play a role in packaging and protecting the contents during transportation, so it is required that steel drum cap seals must have a certain impact resistance. Although the impact resistance of the circular rolled-edge barrel is relatively high, it is ultimately formed by the bending deformation of the steel plate, unlike welding, it can form a whole. When the steel drum cap seal is subjected to external impact, it will cause a certain degree of loosening in the rolled edge part. If there is no sealing material with certain elasticity in the rolled edge to fill the gap, the liquid material inside the barrel will seep out, causing pollution and waste.

3. If the top of the open-top barrel does not have sealing material, it cannot meet the requirements of international maritime dangerous goods regulations and is not a complete product, because it cannot realize the function of packaging and protecting the contents.

From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that the sealing filler plays a crucial role in preventing steel drum cap seals from leaking.

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