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How Circulation Processes Influences Packaging Quality

The quality of packaging not only depends on the production of packaging containers, but also will be directly affected in the circulation process of use, protection, handling and storage. These factors are often ignored in practice.

Problems of packaging in use

Filling Contents

When filling the contents, many people think that the more the better, ignoring the expansion coefficient of the contents. Whether filling solid or liquid, the expansion coefficient of the contents shall be considered in the process of packaging selection, design and use. After filling, a certain space shall be reserved in the container to ensure that the thermal expansion of the contents will not cause the change of packaging quality or the overflow of the contents. Especially when filling liquid, it shall be filled to less than 98% of the total volume.


No matter what type of package is used, it should be sealed correctly. Improper packaging and sealing will cause the quality change, pollution, leakage, etc. of the contents, and even cause malignant accidents. For barrel packaging, the barrel mouth parts shall be closely matched with the barrel mouth and equipped with appropriate sealing rings. The tightness shall meet the sealing requirements. The wrench hoop also needs a pin to lock the wrench.

Problems in protective packaging

In the process of commodity circulation, there are many forms of quality change, including physical change, chemical change, physiological and biochemical change and so on. In order to prevent the change of commodities in the circulation process, protective measures are often taken on the packaging. The common protective ways are: waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, rust proof, insect proof, shock proof, bacteria proof, magnetism proof, radiation proof, etc. Improper use of protective packaging will also cause economic losses or quality accidents.

Problems in the handling of packaging

Problems in loading and unloading

"Rough handling" is still prominent. People has witnessed with his own eyes several times that packaging container manufacturers will carefully package and load their own products such as treasures. In order to prevent collision, wrap it with blanket pad and wrapping paper.

Problems during transportation

Any carelessness during transportation will also cause damage to the packaging.

First, the carrier is not clean, resulting in packaging pollution. If coal, chemical fertilizer, pesticide and other substances are not cleaned in time, the re transported goods will be damaged or polluted.Second, no tarpaulin during transportation will cause rain and sun, which will also cause package damage, discoloration and aging. During transportation, especially long-distance transportation, tarpaulin must be covered to prevent rain and sun.Third, packaging damage caused by improper loading methods. In addition, during the transportation of goods, there are vibrations from vehicles such as cars, trains, ships and aircraft, and corresponding measures must be taken.

Short comments: The quality and proper sealing of packages matters in the circulation period. As one of the sealings in steel drums, drum closures play an significant role in the security of the package and requires high production standards.

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