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Secrets About Steel Drums

Who invented the steel barrel?

The story goes back to 1903 more than 100 years ago. At that time, Ms. Nari Bligh's husband ran a company. Before she married her husband, she entered Europe as a reporter. There, she saw the metal barrel packaging glycerol, which is the prototype of the current steel barrel and the earliest origin of the invention of the steel barrel. It is said that she is a journalist, a woman, but also the father of steel barrel. I really want to know the image of this character. After investigation, it was found that Ms. Nelly Bligh was a very famous person at that time.

In 1889, inspired by Jules Berne's science fiction “around the earth in 80 days”, she resolutely challenged and finally traveled around the world in 72 days. In the 19th century, when traffic conditions could not be compared with modern times, it was undoubtedly unimaginable for 22-year-old female compatriots to travel around the world alone. By the way, she stopped by Yokohama during her trip. Because she is such an adventurous American, she became famous at one stroke and even was sung into a song. The steel barrel invented by this enterprising woman has hardly changed its shape after a hundred years. This shows that the original design is excellent.

Secrets About Steel Drums

What is the secret to the strength of steel drums?

Packaging containers have undergone great changes with the development of the times. In the past, common milk bottles and one-liter bottles are rare, while steel drums are still strong after a hundred years. Where is it powerful? That is the excellence of being a container.

1. Steel drum is a necessary storage container for the transportation of liquids and solids specified in JIS.

2. The operator can use it without special machines or tools, and the operation is simple.

3. The steel barrel industry has fully realized recycling (new barrel → use → recycled barrel → use → scrap iron → other forms of steel materials).

Secrets About Steel Drums

How about the recycling of steel drums?

Steel drum is a model of recycling to protect the earth's environment. In the 21st century, when the earth's environmental problems are paid attention to, the importance of this problem is only increasing. One of the links is recycling. Now the whole industry is forced to take recycling measures. In this regard, the steel drum industry has been a model of recycling since ancient times.

Generally speaking, the new steel drum that has been used once is recycled by the recycling drum manufacturer, and then debuts in the market after internal cleaning and re coating. After being used there for several times, it will become scrap iron and be transported to the steel plant to become new steel.

Short comments: With the development of related industries, the contents of steel drums have become diversified and complex. If the residue produced during cleaning is discarded in this way, it may cause public hazards. How to meet such social requirements while recycling?

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