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Suggestions On Risk Control Of Environmental Protection Reconstruction

In order to do a good job of risk control in environmental protection renovation, the following control measures are suggested:

1. Comprehensive and accurate identification of various risks in the process of exhaust gas recovery and treatment, control measures ahead.

2. Strengthen the risk assessment during the transformation of exhaust gas recovery facilities, to ensure that the risk is controllable, and then through the formal design, and strengthen the transformation construction management.

3. Compile the pilot production plan of the recycling facility when it is put into use, organize the pilot production scientifically.

4. When different tail gas mixtures are collected in a centralized manner, risk analysis should be carried out on the interaction between various tail gas to clarify the dangerous characteristics of tail gas. Verify and test the composition, risk, explosion limit, flash point and ignition point of tail gas to fully grasp the safety risk of tail gas and avoid reaction.

5. In the closed workshop, the gas collection hood, gas phase hose and other facilities should be used to recover the unorganized gas emissions, while maintaining good ventilation to reduce the local accumulation of volatiles.

6. Scientific interlock protection shall be carried out between the ignition device of the RTO, the collecting fan and the mixed gas emergency exhaust device. In case of ignition failure and insufficient combustion concentration of the mixed gas, the fan and check valve shall be interlocked to be cut off while the explosive mixed gas in the system is drained.

7. To waste of gas pipe (tail) back to the (fire) facilities for inspection and optimization, especially for workshop, regional, pipeline and RTO junction between parts such as area, shall organize experts to set up the check, the security risks of fire, explosion and other safety devices are identified and reasoning, on the premise of ensuring security Settings prevent burning (fire) one-way check back, fire damper, etc.

8. Oil storage enterprises can adopt nitrogen sealing measures to avoid direct oil contact with air and reduce VOCs escaping.

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