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How Do The Auditors Do Not Understand Pretend And Understand, But The Layman Pretends The Expert?

How Do The Auditors Do Not Understand Pretend And Understand, But The Layman Pretends The Expert?

01."Hope" sets the tone

A. "hope" product

Products (including semi-finished products) are actually the most overlooked, but also the most critical place. The best production line is also for product service. Take the paint part as an example. The semi-finished product (base material) is a plastic part. You might as well walk to the injection molding machine and pick up the hot plastic part that has just been produced (be careful not to burn it!) and observe it. What to observe? Appearance, size, performance!

B. "hope" equipment

The product is finished! Next, let's take a look at which factors can affect the quality of products. There is a very famous formula in the industry: human-machine material method loop testing!

C. "hope" crafts

"Equipment" depends on various "processes" to affect the product. To understand the equipment, you must first understand the process involved!

02."Wear" to receive information

The "look" is over, let's take a look at "smell".

In fact, many people have misunderstandings about "smell", although many times they need to use their noses to "smell", such as paint lines, and interior parts, Volkswagen Group has many "golden noses"!

But the "smell" here is actually to "listen". For example, "a hundred is better than a sight". If it is understood as "smell" with the nose, the atmosphere will suddenly become ambiguous!

03."Ask" the direction

Examples of open-ended questions:

  • Which types of nonconforming products produced in this process account for the majority?

  • With so many suppliers, which ones give you more headaches?

Examples of closed-ended questions:

  • "I want to ask, is this welding equipment controlled by time mode or depth mode?

  • Are the purchased parts of your company traceable according to production batch or feed time?

Short comment: Any product can be tested by this method, all Xuheng products can be tested by you, high-quality products can meet any of your needs.

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